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Podcast-talk about MOOCtalk

The Pulse Project recently podcast an informative and entertaining ten-minute discussion of my upcoming Stanford MOOC between Peter Rowlett in the UK and Samuel Hansen in the USA. The part focusing on MOOCs is available here. The full hour-long discussion is available at Math/Maths 95.

A couple of days later, Steve Hargadon interviewed me for an hour in his excellent Web 2.0 series, and MOOCs formed a substantial part of our wide ranging discussion. The complete discussion can be accessed here.

Thanks to Peter, Samuel, and Steve for their interest.

I'm Dr. Keith Devlin, a mathematician at Stanford University. In fall 2012, I gave my first free, open, online math course. I repeated it in spring 2013, then in fall 2013, and in February I am giving it a fourth time, each time with changes. This blog chronicles my experiences as they happen.

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